The company is consolidating its berry production in both origins as its market presence continues to grow

Berry and citrus specialist Daifressh continues to expand raspberry, strawberry and blueberry acreage across its main areas of origin. Berries are currently the company’s main line of business and the one that is growth the most rapidly every year.


Although 2022 was a complicated year due to the challenging economic situation, the company achieved 10 per cent growth in its turnover. That is why, in 2023, it continues to strengthen its investments in new acreage, as well as improvements to its varietal offer and more efficient and sustainable cultivation systems.

Last year, Daifressh’s farms in Poland comprised a total of 125ha of integrated production using hydroponic systems. This includes 20 of strawberries, 15 ha of raspberries and 36 ha of blueberry production. In the coming season, which start sin a few months, the company will increase its blueberry plantation with 10 new hectares of Sekoya’s Crunch and Grande varieties, which it grows exclusively in the country. The company aims to develop a total of 100ha of these varieties in the coming years.

“In addition, our goal for 2030 is to have a total of 300ha of productive land. This will strengthen our position as one of the largest berry producers in Poland and Central Europe,” says Ana Claramunt, Daifressh’s managing director.

In Morocco, where the season is currently in full swing, the company has 80ha of raspberry production. It recently acquired two new farms in the country with a total of 140 additional hectares, which are expected to start production in the next few years.

“We’re focussing on using different origins for our own production and we encourage long-term agreements with our Dai-Growers group to continue to grow as producers and consolidate ourselves as the trusted suppliers of our customers during the 52 weeks of the year,” Claramunt continues.

“At the same time, we continue strengthening our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability. As a result, retailers are increasingly placing their trust in our project and this has allowed us to enter new markets. We are convinced that 2023 is going to be a year that will boost our growth, as we have very positive forecasts.”


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