Company teams with OP Sermide Ortofruit to offer consumers premium quality, Italian Melons from Valli Salse

Fresh Del Monte has announced a collaboration with OP Sermide Ortofruit, an Italian company founded in 2009 and recognised for producing quality fruit and vegetables.

Del Monte Italian melon

The main objective of the partnership is to bring melons from the Salse Valleys to the tables of Italian and European consumers.

According to Del Monte, the Salse Valleys is a production area near Sermide (Mantua) recognised for the ”unique chemical composition, physical structure and salinity it gives to the final product”.

Del Monte said that its branded varieties sourced from the area had a ”high sugar content with a delicate taste and texture”.

‘’Del Monte is recognised worldwide as a quality brand,” said Marina Bastianelli, business development manager at Del Monte, “and the collaboration with a company such as OP Sermide Ortofruit reflects the intention to diversify the product portfolio, focusing on excellence of 100 per cent Italian”.

”The collaboration with specialised partners, such as that of the Mantovano melon, is part of a broader strategic direction on the diversification of the Del Monte brand,” explained Jacopo Sica, sales and operations director at Del Monte Fresh Produce EA.

”This is the path that the company has taken in recent years and which sees Del Monte already engaged in supply chains of high added value, such as those of new varieties of kiwifruit, and in the production of innovative crops such as ginger and curcuma with zero residue.”