Company reveals plan to develop soft fruit production in Sicily and to sell the berries under its own brand

GEN mixed berries

Image: Adobe Stock

Fresh Del Monte is reportedly planning to grow berries in Sicily and sell the fruit under its own brand in Italy.

According to a report on the Italiafruit website, the group has invested in a new production area near Marsala in Sicily, where it will present more details of the project during an industry symposium to be held on 11 July.

The area around Marsala, in the far west of the island region, is already well known for its strawberry production. But more recently growers in Sicily have venture into other berries such as blueberries to extend their marketing period.

“In recent years, Del Monte Italia has observed with admiration this region’s growing, prospering soft fruit industry,” explained Gianluigi Bertelli, the company’s senior sales manager, in conversation with Italiafruit.

“We are really enthusiastic that we are close to creating this company. We are eager to collaborate with Sicilian berry producers to bring their products to a global market.”