Del Monte Europe sustainability stickers tags

Del Monte Europe has launched a new way of communicating its ongoing efforts in sustainable farming and biodiversity protection, by implementing these facts and information onto their pineapple tags and banana stickers.

Since February 2020, Del Monte Gold pineapple tags have been redesigned to feature six different sustainable facts based on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes for ‘a Better World Tomorrow’.

These facts include statistics about wildlife preservation, recycling initiatives, responsible farming, and scholarship programmes in local communities.

In addition to that, Fresh Del Monte Europe has replaced its banana stickers from their standard PLU and barcodes with a special QR code that redirects shoppers to the CSR page on Fresh Del Monte’s website.

Here, consumers can read about the company’s initiatives in this area as well as sustainable and environmental goals that it has set for the next few years.

The banana stickers themselves showcase the certifications obtained by the farms. These include Sustainably Grown and Carbon Neutrality certification, both granted by SCS Global Services in Costa Rica as well as Rain Forest Alliance certification in Guatemala.

“With this new initiative, Fresh Del Monte Europe intends to engage directly with its consumers ensuring those purchasing its pineapples, bananas and other Del Monte branded products know they are doing so from an organisation deeply committed to build a sustainable future,” said Thierry Montange, Del Monte Europe marketing director.