Group’s new Dole Organics division and GO Organic! consumer brand will be officially introduced at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid

Dole has said that it is aiming to move organics to the next level with the launch of a specialist division, Dole Organics, and a new Dole GO Organic! consumer brand.

Dole Go Organic field branding

The group has confirmed that both Dole Organics and GO Organic! will be officially introduced at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid, which takes place on 3-5 October.

Organics division

”Dole Organics will be dedicated to bringing renewed impetus to the organic fresh produce category by promoting cross sector collaboration, consolidating supply, assuring continuity and consistency of product and applying best-in-class category management practices in-store,” the company stated.

”Focusing on its diversified organic fresh produce range, Dole’s new GO Organic! brand will complement its successful Dole Organic banana and pineapple offering already available across Europe.

”By virtue of this experience, its local infrastructure and relationships, its global reach and resources and its in-house expertise in growing organics, Dole believes it is uniquely positioned to make an important contribution to moving the category into the mainstream,” it outlined.

Dole said its organics division would be dedicated to satisfying an identified need amongst retailers for reliable cross-category 52-week partners in organics, a demand amongst consumers for greater consistency in the quality and availability of organic produce on-shelf, and an appetite amongst organic growers for greater commercial security and investment in the category as a whole.

”To that end, Dole Organics is committed to aligning its own organic production what that of the very best global and local third party growers to offer a comprehensive, consistent, integrated year-round range, grown with care, passion and pride and promoted creatively to appeal to the widest possible consumer set.”

Consumer brand

Dole’s new consumer brand, Dole GO Organic!, will be a focal point for best practices across production, procurement, packaging and promotion, the group explained.

”Projecting a compelling call to action, it is dedicated to delivering a clear point of difference at retail and has an inherently contemporary, natural look and feel, one supported by the application of best-in-class sustainable packaging wherever possible,” Dole said.

”GO Organic’s tagline, ‘Taste first. Planet, always’ positions eating experience as a primary call to purchase, a message that will be amplified by engaging digital and on-pack promotions and innovative in-store activations targeting a broader constituency of consumers than the traditional organic niche.

”The Dole mark, of course will serve, as always, as a promise of ‘quality, quality, quality’ to the broad cohort of consumers across Europe who recognise and trust the iconic brand,” it said.

The formation of Dole Organics was a ”strategically significant” moment for Dole in terms of future proofing the business and that of its customers, the group commented, particularly given the clear legislative momentum behind organic production and the widespread and growing positive consumer sentiment associated with the category.

”Our ambition is unambiguous,” said Bengt Nilsson, president of Dole Northern Europe. ”We aim to become the indispensable conduit that brings together our own organic production, that of the most accomplished local and global organic growers, the full resources of our group and our commercial partners to present consistently superior organic produce to consumers, 52 weeks of the year.

”In creating Dole Organics and launching our Dole GO Organic! brand we are laying foundations and extending an open invitation to independent organic growers and European retailers alike to work together with Dole to collectively bring organic fruit & vegetables to the next level,” Nilsson added.