Driscoll's rebrand

A new logo, new packaging designs and a refreshed digital look are all part of global berry business Driscoll’s new brand strategy.

The new brand design features colourful, modern design, while keeping its brand promise ‘Only the finest berries’.

“Creating global brand value is key to any company’s future,” said Soren Bjorn, EVP of Driscoll's of the Americas. “When you consistently deliver on a great consumer experience, successful brands build a loyal consumer base willing to pay premium pricing.

“As the market leader in fresh berries, we are excited to elevate the brand opportunity to further capture the hearts of our berry consumers – such an opportunity is rare and a privilege in the produce industry.”

Berries bring joy

The focus of the new brand strategy will be on emotion-focused marketing, reaching consumers across North America, Europe, Australia and China, with Driscoll’s conducting consumer research in its key markets to reveal what emotional drivers led consumers to eat fresh berries over other popular fruit and vegetables.

A recent study in the US found that more than 85 per cent of the 1,000 men and women surveyed said eating berries made them happy compared to other popular fruits and vegetables. The survey found a direct connection between berries and joy, with berries triggering positive emotional connections compared to produce like kale, beets and lettuce which are more linked to functional benefits.

Flavour was the biggest driver to consumer berries, with happy memories and summertime strong emotional links for choosing to consumer berries.