Ammeraal Beltech’s food-grade synthetic belt with anti-stick and anti-starch properties makes cleaning easier and ensures a longer lifespan

Ammeral Beltch Ropanyl

Ammeraal Beltech has launched a new easy-to-clean, non-stick and durable conveyor belt for potato processing. The Ropanyl EM 8/2 00+02 light blue AS FG AM /60shD is a food-grade synthetic belt with anti-stick and anti-starch properties, making cleaning easier and ensuring a longer lifespan.

“Conveyor belts are often overlooked yet essential components in potato processing,” the company said. “Issues such as starch adherence to the conveyor surface, belt mistracking, and heavy cleaning, can result in costly downtime and impact productivity.

“Ammeraal Beltech innovative solutions are designed to address these challenges, ensuring smooth operations and maximised productivity.”

When paired with UltraScraper, Ammeraal Beltech metal-detectable and antimicrobial scraper, Ropanyl EM 8/2 00+02 light blue AS FG AM/60shD guarantees enhanced hygiene and food safety, critical for efficient food processing, the company said, adding that its resistance to chemical detergents and easy maintenance streamline operations, elevating overall efficiency.

“By minimising the risk of sticky residues and cross-contamination from foreign particles, this non-stick and antimicrobial belt offers a reliable shield against food safety concerns, bolstering trust in your brand and safeguarding both the flavour and the quality of your products,” the company explained.

The machine’s blue colour offers a clear visual contrast against food products, aligning with international food safety and sustainable standards.

“Coping with challenges like starch accumulation and belt discolouration is crucial for potato producers, as these issues directly affect marketability, product quality, storage duration, and overall economic viability.

“Our synthetic belt is tailored precisely to ensure the integrity and safety of products and enhance production performance,” Ammeraal Beltch said.