Jazz apples on tree

T&G Global is forecasting a strong North American harvest for both Envy and Jazz apples in the weeks ahead, backed by a variety of promotions to ensure widespread availability of the cultivars for consumers nationwide.

Headquartered in New Zealand, T&G Global has a team in North America to manage the Jazz and Envy programmes in Washington, where total volume is projected to meet demand for both premium varieties this season.

According to the group, growers are anticipating a bountiful crop, excellent quality, ideal colour, texture and a 'best-of-class' apple flavour for the fruit, which is marketed by CMI Orchards, Rainier Fruit and Oppy.

“We’re excited about both the quality and quantity of Jazz and Envy this fall, and so are our customers – for Envy in particular,” said Chris Willett, T&G Global's vice-president growing and sales operations, North America. “Envy is an apple with momentum, we have consumers actively seeking the brand out by name at their local grocer. Growers are also actively interested in adding acreage to their farming portfolio which is another true positive for the consumer and the brand.”

Nielsen scan data collected in late August found Envy sustaining a strong premium price, countering a recent trend of wholesale price deflation among most branded apples. “Simply put, Envy is a deflation-buster for the category,” Willett said.

“We think this has much to do with increased brand loyalty for Envy,” said Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G Global's head of marketing, North America. “Consumers who are buying Envy are evolving into devoted fans, coming back regularly to purchase more.

'They appreciate a consistently good eating experience and year-round availability,' she continued. 'We are not only enjoying this momentum but focusing on expansion during the final months of 2020 positioning Envy as the ideal apple for the holidays.”

High-impact consumer campaigns are taking place in the months ahead, including a partnership with a top-tier cable channel and a collaboration with national radio personality Ellen K.

Thematic packaging and bin programmes will be available to create eye-catching displays that raise awareness in store and help drive sales, T&G Global confirmed.

In August, Jazz launched Bring on the Snack, a campaign which motivates shoppers to reach for healthy snacking options.

The promotion emphasises the 'uniquely satisfying crunch' of Jazz apples as well as their portable size amongst competing apple varieties.

Jazz tagged foodie influencer Chef Joel Gamoran, a Today Show regular and cookbook author, to kick off the Bring on the Snack campaign with a Snackdown competition.

Over 26,000 live viewers watched Gamoran challenge rival chefs to create unique, nutritious, and tasty Jazz apple snacks, and audience members to vote on their favourites.

With Halloween just around the corner, Bring on the Snack has morphed into 'Bring on the Boo', a themed digital takeover sharing even more unique ways to enjoy the snacking apple.

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