Eosta Dr Goodfood

Steffi Haazan, aka Dr Goodfood

This year, Dutch organics specialist Eosta is ramping up its collaboration with Dutch organic wholesaler Udea and the latter's supermarket chain Ekoplaza, in a bid to improve the diets of consumers in the Netherlands.

Eosta's Nature & More brand and Ekoplaza are set to launch a six-week campaign to persuade people to adopt healthier habits and ensure improved resistance during the current time.

The strategy is to use the Dr Goodfood campaign to highlight the benefits of eating more organic fruit and vegetables. The campaign is set to kick off on 13 May, with Ekoplaza customers being nudged towards fresh pomegranates, mangoes, ginger, avocados, limes, sweet potatoes and other products that are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

'We are treading lightly in this respect,' said dietician Steffi Haazan, the face of Dr Goodfood this spring, 'and only using knowledge which has been completely accepted and recognised.'

This, she said, was ample for explaining and emphasising the health benefits of such products.

'It is generally and scientifically recognised that eating more fruit and vegetables is healthy,' she said. 'This train of thought leads you to conclude that fruit and vegetables can be considered as preventive pharmacy. A new diet may prove to be the best way to boost your health, so we will encourage people to consume more products that will improve their resistance. This is essential because many Dutch people do not eat nearly enough fruit and vegetables, while they are so tasty!'

Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta, commented: 'We see that the demand for organic, vegan and other healthy foods has mushroomed. Our organic products can be traced back to the farmers and growers using the three-digit Nature & More code. Customers can refer to the Nature & More website for detailed insight into their impact on people and the planet. In a post-Covid-19 era, we simply cannot do without this integrated sustainability and transparency to ensure public confidence.'