Choco Toms Eosta Nature and More

As of this week, consumers can enjoy a new organic tomato variety namely the Choco Tom, which has just been unveiled by Eosta.

Dutch grower Ruud van Schie is the first to grow the chocolate-brown coloured tomato, with Nature & More buyer Rein Burger officially receiving the first carton.

The Choco Tom is sold on the vine because it helps the tomato hold its unique taste, with the bite sized tomatoes not only sweet but also rich.

According to Ruud van Schie, the organic production method contributes to the full bodied taste: “Although it takes longer to grow tomatoes in the soil as opposed to substrate, the tomato has a much more intense flavor and aroma because it is allowed to grow naturally.”

The first cartons filled with organic Choco Toms have already gone out to customers in The Netherlands and Germany.