Eurobanan has developed a new low fat avocado for the Spanish market. The Avocado Light is an exclusive variety grown in Latin America under specific climatic and soil conditions to provide all the nutritional benefits of a regular avocado but with 30 per cent less fat.

The fruit, which is being sold under the company’s Isla Bonita brand, is described as having a smooth, shiny green skin and a delicate light flavour, and is fast-ripening with a slow rate of oxidation.

It will be officially launched at this month’s Fruit Attraction trade fair in Madrid and is being sold in supermarkets and specialist stores.

The fruit’s nutritional make-up has been independently verified in laboratories in the country of origin and it carries the seal of approval from the Spanish Hearth Foundation’s Food Health Programme, certifying that it is a product with reduced fat content.

Eurobanan’s import and marketing director Ramón Rey told Fruitnet that the Avocado Light chimes perfectly with consumers’ ongoing concerns over health and wellbeing.

“Its arrival in Spain could mark the second big jump in the development of the avocado the market,” he said.

“Consumption is growing constantly, as are consumer concerns about getting a balanced diet. Now, thanks to the Avocado Light, you can enjoy this fruit at all times in a much lighter way.”

Avocado consumption is growing in Spain as availability increases. According to Fepex imports rose from 34,000 tonnes in 2012 to 73,000 tonnes in 2016.