The new Jazz apple crop from European growing regions including France, South Tyrol, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK is now available in stores.

This year, a total volume of about 40,000 tonnes of Jazz apples is forecast from Europe's production areas, with good weather conditions contributing to 'above-average quality and a particularly aromatic taste'.

In addition to print advertising, retail sales this year will be supported by an extensive digital campaign that includes online collaborations, product tests, social media activities and a blogger campaign.

Sustainability also plays a central role for Jazz, with. for example, all French growers having an HEV (High Environmental Value) certificate.

The production of Jazz apples in New Zealand also takes place under the roof of the Kaitiakitanga sustainability project, an initiative that focuses on the respectful and careful treatment of the environment, resources, people and the products produced.

This includes further ambitious goals for the year 2025, such as CO2-neutral growth, 100 per cent recyclable packaging, low resource consumption and the protection and preservation of the environment.

The support and involvement of employees, for example in the form of social projects and 'planting days', is also part of this sustainability initiative.