WOFI2021 news

As is well known, the on-site event Fruit Logistica Special Edition, planned for the end of May, had to be cancelled. Fruit Logistica will take place again in Berlin from 9-11 February 2022.

Nevertheless, the fruit and vegetable sector does not have to do without Fruit Logistica's specialist themes, nor its familiar formats like the Trend Report or the European Statistics Handbook.

That’s because Fruit Logistica has decided to present itself as part of World of Fresh Ideas, organised by its partner Fruitnet Media International.

The two-day event offers expert information about the fresh fruit and vegetable industry’s most important topics, and the opportunity to network with leading players in the business.

World of Fresh Ideas attendees can even meet the Fruit Logistica team at the digital event.

The Trend Report will be presented on 26 May 2021 at 10am. It focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on the international fresh produce business.

Expert comment offers a view of the future for producers, suppliers and retailers. Participants in the round table are: Mike Knowles and Chris White (Fruitnet, United Kingdom), Wayne Prowse (Fresh Intelligence Consulting, Australia), Jan Doldersum (Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands) and Filip Fontaine (VLAM, Belgium).

The Trend Report itself will be available for download on the Fruit Logistica website from 1 June 2021.

Hans-Christoph Behr, the author of the European Statistics Handbook, will shed light on various European markets and their development in different Market Spotlights over the course of the two-day event.

Among those findings will be an analysis of how consumer behaviour has changed during the past year, a look at what has happened to trade with the UK post-Brexit, and a summary of how the weather has affected fruit and veg supply.

The European Statistics Handbook is already available for download on the Fruit Logistica website.

World of Fresh Ideas includes four content tracks packed with 50+ hours of talks, interviews, and interactive discussions.

The event provides expert insight from 100+ leaders in fresh produce retail, procurement, import-export, production, logistics, packaging, technology and marketing.

The Fresh Ideas track highlights the latest key developments in fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh Business gives participants the best in-depth industry analysis. The Fresh Tech track shows participants where technology is helping the business to grow. And Fresh People offers face-to-face interviews and recorded audio conversations with a broad and diverse mix of people from the world of fruit and vegetables.

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