Industry members have until 30 April to provide feedback on the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules

Freshfel has opened a public consultation period on new rules for calculating the environmental footprint of fruits and vegetables as part of its Environmental Footprint Initiative.

BASF lettuce 9

Industry members have until 30 April to provide their feedback on the first draft of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR), which aim to boost the sector’s sustainability and competitiveness.

“In light of EU environmental footprint accountability requirements as well as increasing transparency demands from the supply chain and consumers, there is a growing need for a standardised environmental footprint methodology for the fresh produce sector,” Freshfel said.

“Freshfel Europe and its members have embarked on the Environmental Footprint Initiative to develop together a fresh fruit and vegetable environmental footprint methodology (FreshProducePEFCR), database, and digital tool that are broadly accepted by the industry, stakeholders, and consumers.”

The objective of the initiative, which is aligned with the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology as recommended by the EU, is to enhance the sector’s sustainability and maintain its competitiveness.

“With this public consultation, we ensure different perspectives are considered in the development process. We especially encourage sector experts and LCA experts with sound expertise in the fruit and vegetable sector to submit their feedback,” Freshfel said.

Freshfel Europe members participating in the Freshfel Environmental Footprint Initiative include Ailimpo, ANPP, Apeel Sciences, Assomela, Bama Gruppen, Bayer AG, BVEO, COLEAD, Dole, Greenyard, Fresh Produce Centre, IG International, Interfel and VBT. Freshfel Europe itself is acting as the sector representative within the Initiative, with support and cooperation from the European Sprouted Seeds Association (ESSA) and Growing Media Europe.

Those wishing to provide feedback can download the documents and the Excel form here.