Consumer demandfor fresh fruit and vegetables could rise significantly in the coming months and years as concerns over health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic drive new purchasing behaviour.
However, delivering that fresh produce will become increasingly difficult– particularly in the short term– because of new challenges relating to logistics and transport, shortages in labour supply to harvest products, and various other instances of higher cost in the supply chain.
That's one of several important messages that stand out from the latest episiode of Fruitnet's new podcast series Fruitbox, in which Philippe Binard, general delegate of industry association Freshfel Europe, talks to host Chris White about a variety of concerns, challenges and indeed opportunities arising from the recent crisis.
'Maybe consumers will realise that having a healthy diet is something that could help you to be a little bit stronger in moments when your body needs a better defence against things you can catch, like flu or maybe this virus,' Binard comments during the interview, which can be accessed below. 'Hopefully that could stimulate the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.'
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