Organisation said it engaged in fruitful discussions with the sector on importance of certification

A delegation from GlobalGAP took part in this week’s International Congress of Red Fruits in Huelva to highlight the vital role of voluntary certification in upholding workers’ rights and safety standards.

GlobalGAP Huelva berry congress

During the event, GlobalGAP’s senior technical expert, Dr Nolan Quiros, delivered a presentation emphasising the importance of voluntary standards such as the GlobalGAP Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard and the Grasp add-on in mitigating risks related to human rights and food safety non-conformities.

Highlighting the regional red fruits landscape in Spain, Quiros underscored the shifting focus towards compliance with human and worker’s rights, showcasing Huelva as a hub of competitiveness with a strong commitment to social and work aspects.

The Grasp add-on was lauded for its role in supporting producers in adhering to local regulations and ILO core conventions, ensuring fair treatment and equal remuneration for all workers.

In his closing remarks, Quiros commended Huelva for its resilience in addressing current challenges, attributing much of the success to the support of organisations like Freshuelva.

He emphasised that certifications and assessments like GlobalGAP IFA and Grasp serve as more than mere verification documents; they are integral information systems for supply chains, driving transparency and accountability and fostering responsible agriculture practices.

“Our participation at the International Congress of Red Fruits exemplifies a shared commitment to responsible agriculture practices and ethical standards within the industry,” GlobalGAP said. “As the sector continues to evolve, collaborations and initiatives like these pave the way for a more responsible and resilient agricultural future.”