Company now represents James Hutton’s Skye, Lewis and Glen Mor varieties in Mexico and Guatemala

Global Plant Genetics (GPG), the UK-based IP company, has recently extended its representation of the raspberry varieties from James Hutton by taking on the territories of Mexico and Guatemala for the varieties Skye, Lewis and Glen Mor. Mexico is the world’s largest exporter of fresh raspberries.

GPG raspberries

Jamie Petchell, who heads up the raspberry crop at GPG, commented: “We have represented and developed these varieties in many other global territories for a number of years now.

“They provide a long season of supply of excellent quality fresh raspberries in terms of yield, flavour and shelf-life, and so to now have the opportunity to be working in these new locations, we are very excited.”

GPG is working with a nursery business with modern facilities in the country, SynergiaBIO México who will produce and distribute plant material to raspberry growers across the territory.

Rolando Garcia, CEO of SynergiaBIO México, said: “We have been working with the Skye, Lewis, Glen Mor and Glen Carron raspberry varieties from GPG for a couple of seasons in other countries, so we are naturally delighted to be able to add Mexico to our territory portfolio.

“This agreement with GPG is really well timed as we are expanding our nursery facilities and in-vitro propagation in the country. We are big fans of these varieties and look forward to offering high-quality young plants to major raspberry producers in Mexico in the near future.”

Skye is a primocane type with excellent double-cropping abilities, providing high yields of large berries that are very firm for excellent shelf-life during shipping. Its upright growth habit makes for easier cane management and reduced harvesting costs.

Lewis, also known as Bonnie Lewis in the US, is mostly grown as a pure primocane variety, although it can also be double cropped. Lewis raspberry is characterised by its sweet flavour and early primocane cropping season.

Glen Mor is a low-chilling floricane raspberry which carries the gene that purports resistance to Phytophthora root rot. Its low-chilling nature means that it is early to crop in the season, producing large yields of sweet raspberries.

Mexico has 7,500ha of raspberry acreage, including 6,500ha of plastic tunnels, producing around 128,000 tonnes annually, the vast majority of which is exported.

The country accounts for around 15 per cent of the global supply of this product.