Series of videos released from farmers who grow the premium variety

The Leanri brand held a series of meetings with growers specialising in the cultivation of the premium mandarin to learn first-hand about their experience in managing the variety.

CVVP Leanri

“The aim was to understand how they manage the crop, their perceptions about the variety and to know in detail their experience with it,” the company said. “These meetings provided a deep and professional insight into the cultivation of the Leanri mandarin, highlighting its uniqueness in the agricultural landscape.”

Leanri is a late-season Clementine/Murcott hybrid that CVVP manages as part of its exclusive stable of citrus varieties, which also includes Nadorcott and Summer Prim lemons.

Manuel Jarén, general director of Golden Citrus, a leading producer of premium clementine varieties, has been cultivating Leanri at his farms in Huelva for more than seven years.

“The best example of the quality of the variety is the consumers themselves. Whoever tries Leanri, wants more Leanri. And that is very beneficial for both the variety and the producers,” he said.

Jarén’s testimonial can be viewed here:

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