CMR backs new campaign to raise awareness of Spanish agri-food industry

If I don't produce you don't eat

CMR Group has become the latest company to back a new campaign to raise awareness among consumers about the important role of the agri-food industry in securing Spain’s food supply.

‘If I don’t produce, you don’t eat’ was launched by Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España (Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain) and Agrifood Comunication last October to coincide with World Food Day.

“CMR’s raison d’etre has always been the fruit and vegetable producer, having them as a strategic partner, working side by side with them and cooperating at all times to guarantee the good performance of their crops, which are the fruit of their daily labour for many months of continuous attention, careful monitoring, and professional and experienced cultivation management,” CMR said in a statement.

“The ‘If I don’t produce, you don’t eat’ campaign shares our ethos, which is why we have not hesitated to back it. The primary sector is key in the value chain, being an essential factor in society for its supply, so any action that encourages rural citizens to continue producing food in a sustainable way, preventing its depopulation and therefore the cessation of agricultural, fishing and livestock production in rural areas, we believe that it has to be supported and promoted.”

The campaign aims to highlight the reality producers face in providing consumers with safe, quality products in sufficient quantities and at reasonable prices.

To achieve this, a series of communication and PR actions are being implemented aimed at improving the reputation of food producers as well as raising awareness in society of the importance of agriculture, fishing and livestock in the food industry for population food supply.

“Society must be aware of the importance of food producers in order to improve their living conditions, and make them more attractive, both for young and elderly people. Let’s drink to food producers!,” CMR said.