Ifco sustainability certificate

Fresh food Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) provider Ifco has announced that it is awarding its annual Sustainability Certificate in Europe and North America for the fourth year in a row.

The certificate acknowledges the sustainability efforts of retailers and growers.

Ifco's model is based on the concept of circular economy, enabling more than 551,000 tonnes of CO2 emission savings by using its RPCs in 2020.

The group highlighted how customers’ attention towards environmental and climate protection had been steadily increasing over the past years, resulting in a strong focus on sustainable products and business practices.

'Many retailers and growers are working hard to make their supply chains more sustainable and to reduce their environmental footprint,' said explains Michael Pooley, chief executive officer at Ifco. 'To honour these great efforts and to provide reliable evidence of all the measures taken to customers and shareholders, we are presenting our Sustainability Certificate to companies in the retail and grower industry.

'The certificate shows that the certificate holders are taking clear measures to make supply chains more sustainable and to protect the environment, he added. 'Being able to show this commitment to customers and business partners is a decisive factor for business success.'

Each retailer and grower customer will receive a certificate highlighting the amount of carbon dioxide, water, energy, solid waste, and food waste avoided by utilising Ifco RPCs in its supply chain. These savings are based on IFCO’s energy and resource savings estimate.

Together with its customers, Ifco said that it saved 551,237 tonnes of CO2, 9.9m m³ of water, 35,413 TJ of electricity, 283,691 tonnes of solid waste and 50,466 tonnes of food product waste last year.