The Import Promotion Desk will present around 40 producers from South America, Africa and Ukraine in Berlin as it aims to connect buyers to new trading partners

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) has said it will showcase a range of organic exotic fresh produce at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, including avocados, mangoes, limes, physalis, granadillas and more.

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IPD, an initiative to promote imports in Germany, confirmed that around 40 countries such as Egypt, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, Colombia, Morocco, Peru and Ukraine will feature on its stand at Fruit Logistica.

“Organic is a key criterion that many producers from developing and emerging countries use to distinguish”, said Dr Julia Bellinghausen, head of IPD.

“An increasing number of small and medium-sized companies are also investing in certification. We support them in marketing within the European market and connect them with European buyers through the IPD programme.”

With Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and new IPD partner country Brazil, South America will be well represented at Fruit Logistica, the body noted, primarily showcasing tropical and subtropical produce, including a range of organics.

”They offer high-demand fruits such as mangoes and avocados in organic quality,” said IPD. ”For example, two mango specialists from Peru are represented. Companies from Colombia also offer limes as well as physalis, granadillas and pitahayas in organic quality.

”An Ecuadorian company is breaking new ground: the vegetable grower has converted its broccoli production to organic farming methods,” the promotion desk confirmed. ”This makes the popular vegetable in organic quality available to European buyers all year round.”

Blueberries continue to be in high demand, IPD said, with fruit from Ukraine, Peru, and Ecuador represented at Fruit Logistica.

”Despite the war, Ukrainian IPD companies are continuing their production and supplying their European trading partners with high-quality berries,” it said. ”In Peru, IPD supports small and medium-sized companies that cultivates blueberries. And from Ecuador, IPD is presenting a producer whose aromatic blueberries grow at an altitude of 3,000 metres.”

Pineapple producers from Ecuador, Côte ‘Ivoire and Ghana are will be on hand at the stand, while African countries will promote fresh produce ranging from exotics and grapes to sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions, garlic and fresh herbs.