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Apofruit's Romina Kamel checks the consignment before its departure

Italian company Apofruit has shipped its first container of apples to Taiwan, after the Asian country granted market access to a number of Italy’s exporters in June last year.

The consignment, which will be sold through wholesale markets in Taiwan, includes 20 tonnes of Candine and Fuji apples supplied in 18kg packs. The fruit has all been grown in Emilia-Romagna, where Apofruit is based.

“These should be the most popular with Taiwanese consumers due to their characteristics,” explains the group’s area export manager Romina Kamel. “It is a market with sophisticated tastes that prefers sweet, large-sized fruit. Indeed, we are sending sizeable apples that are also the most sought-after on the Italian market.”

Kamel believes this month’s test shipment could help prise open a very interesting export market in future seasons.

“Our apples are almost at the end of the season, and if the test produces the desired results, a new shipment could be sent in September/October,” she comments.

The apples will face strong competition in the market from France and China, but Apofruit is banking on the quality of its product paying off, which will therefore boost the earning potential of its member growers.