Agreement will see Janssen evaluate Fresh Inset’s pads and labels for fresh produce storage preservation

Fresh Inset and Janssen PMP have signed an evaluation and standstill agreement to test and develop Fresh Inset’s Vidre+ technology on fresh produce and ornamental plants.

Fruit and vegetables birds eye view

The group has granted Janssen PMP the right to test its Vidre+ technologies for post-harvest storage preservation of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals in certain countries of the world.

According to Fresh Inset, Vidre+ technology provides solutions to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce for growers, packers, distributors and retail.

Vidre+ is designed to preserve the texture, firmness, taste and appearance of produce during storage, transportation and retail display with the use of a delivery system that provides 1-MCP post-harvest freshness protection for fruits and vegetables in a sticker format.

“Being able to apply 1-MCP in an innovative way at small scale through a pad or a sticker brings additional flexibility to packers, traders, retailers and ultimately consumers,” explained Geoffroy de Chabot-Tramecourt, director R&D and business development at Janssen PMP.

”The huge benefits of applying 1-MCP on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals are well known and need no further explanation,” he continued. ”In addition, the Vidre+ technology perfectly complements our 1-MCP technology marketed under the Fysium brand.”

“Vidre+ technology performance is now well proven by a large number of trials performed all over the world,” added Fresh Inset CEO Andrzej Wolan.

”We are very excited to work with Janssen PMP as they bring more than 50 years of relevant market experience. We are convinced that working together to further develop Vidre+ in the market place will be a huge benefit for the our future.”