Kanzi light installation

Last month, apple brand Kanzi sought to provide an extra dose of energy to residents of Düsseldorf, installing Germany’s largest daylight poster in the city centre.

According to a survey by Kanzi, in cooperation with market research institute YouGov, 66 per cent of respondents would like to spend more time in daylight during the winter period for their own well-being, while 55 per cent consume more vitamin-rich foods during the dark months for an extra boost of energy.

A press release from variety manager GKE stated: “As a supplier of apples, which are a source of energy for body and mind, Kanzi is helping people to recharge their ‘light batteries’ with its daylight installation – of course in compliance with the requirements of minimum distance and mouth-nose protection.”

The City-light Installation was part of the apple brand’s “Power of Great Taste” campaign, under the motto “Power for All: Daylight to defy darkness in December”.

In Germany, Kanzi is also conducting an attention-grabbing nationwide media campaign through printed advertising, as well as online and via social media, presenting Kanzi as a great source of energy during the autumn and winter months.