Investment will fund the expansion of company’s production facilities and working capital


Koppert has secured a strategic investment of €140m in preferred share capital from HAL Investments. The company said the funding will be instrumental in accelerating its global expansion and fostering innovation in the field of biological pest control, pollination, disease management, and plant health.

With an extensive international network of subsidiaries and multiple production facilities worldwide, Koppert provides integrated solutions that enhance crop health, resilience, and overall production.

“The substantial investment from HAL Investments will serve as crucial funding for the expansion of our production facilities and working capital. This infusion of capital not only supports immediate growth plans but also positions us strategically for future investments,” the company said.

“It will play a pivotal role in executing the company’s in-licensing and mergers and acquisition strategy, reinforcing our leading market position within the agricultural biological solutions sector.

René Koppert said the partnership with HAL Investments marks a shared commitment to long-term success, values, and dedication, and would empower Koppert to make a more significant impact on global agriculture, providing new opportunities for customers and enhancing the chances for success in sustainable farming practices.

“We look forward to the exciting developments that will stem from this strategic investment and the positive impact it will have on Koppert’s growth trajectory and the agricultural industry as a whole,” he said.