A strong retail campaign is lined up this year with the pear also looking to break ground in new markets

Miso pear packs and samples

Dutch and Belgian growers have reported that newly harvested Migo pears are of ”optimal quality, taste and sizing”.

EFC, the variety manager and exclusive worldwide license holder for Migo, said that prospects for the season were positive with a strong retail campaign and an additional focus on new markets.

”Due to the relative cold spring and a long period of rainfall during the summer, russeting is quite an issue for many pear varieties this season,” EFC stated. ”Fortunately, thanks to its specific characteristics, Migo pears have not suffered from russeting and the crop is characterised by a smooth and freshly looking bright green skin.

”That´s where Migo will differentiate itself from the most common pears on the shelf this season,” the group added. ”It’s expected that Migo will benefit from the consumer preference for pears with a smooth skin and gentle mouth feel.”

EFC said that the pear’s combination of sweet taste and the crunchiness and convenience of an apple, meant Migo would continue to be positioned as ‘the best of both worlds’.

To kick off the new season and increase visibility at the point of sale, Migo has organised a secondary placement competition in multiple regions of one of its key markets, Germany.

”Until now Migo pears found their way mainly to Northern European markets such as Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Czech Republic,” EFC explained.

”Thanks to a growing interest from more southern markets Migo is also present this year at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.

”At the booth of the Dutch growers cooperative FruitMasters, Migo is presented to prospects from Spain and abroad,” EFC added.