Agucates CV label aims to differentiate regional production and provide a guarantee of quality and freshness for the consumer

Avocados grown in the Valencian Community now have their own quality label. Last week, the Association of Avocado Producers (Asoproa) launched its new origin brand, Aguacates CV. Backed by agricultural union Ava-Asaja and the Valencian Department of Agriculture, the brand aims to bring more profitability to the sector and provide a guarantee of freshness, flavour, sustainability and safety to consumers.

Aguacates CV

At an event held mark the launch at Ava-Asaja’s Sinyent Farm, Asoproa president Celestino Recatalá said: “Avocados bearing the Aguacates CV label reach European shelves in just 48 hours, which gives them added value compared to overseas imports that need more than 40 days to reach Europe by sea.

“This brand allows consumers to differentiate our product at a glance. Now we hope that trade and distribution will join this initiative with which we intend to give long-term stability to this crop”.

Ava-Asaja’s president Cristóbal Aguado said avocados are adapting well to the growing conditions in Valencia. “Having a brand that recognises the product’s qualities adds value and can help conquer new markets,” he said.

Avocado production is expanding rapidly in Valencia, which is now the second-largest growing area in mainland Spain after Andalusia. The fruit has become an attractive alternative to citrus, stonefruit and kakis, all of which have been hit by poor returns in recent years. And unlike southern areas, where the prolonged drought is severely curtailing production, water availability is less of an issue in Valencia.

According to Ava-Asaja, there are around 3,800ha of avocados planted in the community. Lamb Hass accounts for more than 60 per cent of production. As a relatively new crop, research is ongoing into when is the optimal time to harvest the crop and how the growing season can be extended with the introduction of other varieties.

Recatalá has made no secret of his ambition to launch a national brand to differentiate Spanish avocados from those imported from non-EU countries. Asoproa was established in 2019 to bring together avocado producers from across Spain and promote and coordinate the sector’s expansion. He believes that uniting under a single brand and organisation is the best way to guarantee the long-term profitability of the sector.