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Nic Jooste spent two decades at Cool Fresh International, which was acquired by Jupiter Group in May 2019

Nic Jooste, one of the fresh produce industry’s leading CSR specialists, wants to help companies around the world have a more positive impact on people and the environment.

So the former Cool Fresh International director is branching out with the creation of NJ Immersed, a company that will provide independent advice and professional services to anyone wanting more direction in what has become a crucial area for any commercial entity in the fruit and veg business.

With a penchant for no-nonsense marketing, communication and corporate social responsibility, Jooste says he is uniquely placed to support those who want to create honest, ethical and sustainable business strategies, and then tell the world about them.

“It has always been my dream to be able to do a lot more in the field of corporate social responsibility, with a specific focus on social engagement and the creation of a sustainable impact,” Jooste explains in an interview published in the September issue of Eurofruit.

“Because of my background I also know that powerful communication can energise the business world and individuals to become involved in the wonderful world of practical sustainability. This is the focus of NJ Immersed.“

For the past 20 years, Jooste was the figurehead of Cool Fresh International, the Barendrecht-based fresh produce company that was acquired by the UK-based Jupiter Group in May 2019.

During his time with Cool Fresh, he built a reputation for launching exciting brands backed by ‘in your face’ marketing campaigns.

Having left at the end of April 2020, he now feels there are lots of companies in the industry who would benefit from a more simplified approach to social and environmental sustainability – a vital commercial consideration that he believes is all too often overcomplicated.

“CSR has been made unnecessarily complex and consequently many business owners shy away from it,” he comments. “The impact that a solid sustainability profile can have on their marketing unfortunately then falls by the wayside.”

For Jooste’s new venture, the main task will be helping entrepreneurs to create a CSR strategy that is honest, no-nonsense, and effective.

“The only way to do this is to get your hands dirty, and I love doing that.”

The full interview will be published in Eurofruit’s September 2020 issue. To secure your copy, please contact