The annual apple and pear gathering will analyse both European and global trends when it returns to an in-person event in Serbia next month

Prognosfruit, Europe’s leading annual apple and pear conference, takes place in Belgrade, Serbia on 3-5 August, gathering together around 200 representatives of the sector from 20 countries after two years of online meetings.

The three-day event, organised by WAPA and Serbia Does Apples, will feature forecasts of this season’s apple and pear crops, as well as discussions on the outlook for both the Northern Hemisphere and the globe.

Philippe Binard, secretary general of WAPA, commented: “Prognosfruit is taking place in a moment of great uncertainties, with mixed production forecasts on the various continents of the Northern Hemisphere. The 2021 season is ending with a lot of pressure on the processing and export market and consumption is under pressure. Prognosfruit will be the ideal place to meet, to network, and capture the dynamics for the new season.”

In addition to production and market trends, this year’s event will include a detailed analysis of trends in the EU, the US and China, as well as a global session on the challenge of “rising costs and logistics hurdles”. Simultaneous translation will be available in Italian, French, German and Serbian, organisers stated.

Julka Toskic, manager of Serbia Does Apples, commented: “We are pleased to welcome the delegates on the eve of the conference at Belgrade’s Royal Palace. The gala dinner will be hosted in the prestigious Belgrade citadel at Kalemegdanska terasa, in the city’s fortress. Finally, delegates will also discover the Serbian apple orchard Atos Fructum, on the southern slope of Fruška Gora, whose facilities are combined with a winery.”