Company recognised for its good economic, social, and environmental practices

Reybanpac has been recognised as one of Ecuador’s most sustainable companies. Collecting the award at last week’s Sustainability Summit 2024, organised by Ekos Group, Reybanpac’s vice president of corporate affairs, Leonardo Viteri Andrade, commented: “These milestones are an incentive to continue our contribution to the development of our country, promoting the growth and well-being of the people”.


The evaluation methodology identified the most efficient companies in Ecuador in terms of their economic performance and tax contribution, as well as their best social and environmental practices.

Reybanpac was praised for the positive impact of its Productive Technical Baccalaureate educational programme on young people in rural areas of the provinces of Los Ríos and Santo Domingo. Since its implementation in 2021, the programme has helped hundreds of young people to find employment.

The award also recognised Reybanpac carbon footprint reduction achievements.

Reybanpac said its commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its contribution to full employment and decent work, the preservation of biodiversity, and gender equality.