Luiza copyright Italiafruit

Photo: Italiafruit News

Piedmontese supplier Rivoira says three Brazilian apple cultivars being grown in north of Italy are poised to offer a premium, extra-sweet alternative to the widely distributed variety Gala, thus helping growers compete more effectively in the international market.

With the first commercial trials scheduled for 2021, around 200ha of the three new apple types are set to be planted by 2024.

As reported on the Italiafruit News website, the company unveiled Luiza, the first of that trio, during an open day for local growers in Verzuolo, Piedmont – a region of Italy that produced almost half of all Italy’s fresh apples.

A total of 200 trial plantings of Luiza have been made so far, with initial results for this season said to be extremely promising. The variety is harvested at the same time as Gala.

Two other varieties are due to be introduced over the coming months, one in early October and the other towards the start of November. All three have been selected in partnership with breeding R&D specialist Ifo.

“Luiza is the apple of the future, the alternative to Gala which is now grown everywhere and earns only a few cents,” commented Marco Rivoira. “It is a variety with excellent characteristics, incredibly interesting.”

According to Italiafruit News, the three varieties will be sold under a single brand as part of an exclusive licensing deal secured by Rivoira.

'A trio of apples that will cover the whole year and will bring a guaranteed product to the shelves, ripened on the vine, harvested at the right time, absolutely good,” Rivoira added.