Now in its third season, the variety is winning over new consumers across Europe

Sanguina, the blood nectarine launched by stonefruit and berry specialist Royal, will be available in greater quantities this year as the Sevillian company continues to increase production on the back of strong European demand.

Royal Sanguina A

Launched three years ago and characterised by its deep red flesh and skin, and intense flavour, the variety is quickly establishing itself as a favourite among consumers that Royal says helps to kickstart demand at the start of the campaign.

Royal started its stonefruit harvest in the first week of April. “After the necessary rains that recently occurred and the cold winter that 2024 has brought with it, the fruit has experienced a favourable evolution in the field,” the company said.

“This year’s harvest is marked by good sizes, beginning the harvest with a predominance of A sizes, and good ripening of the fruit.”

Since the second week of April, Royal has been supplying a range of stonefruit varieties to European retailers, including yellow and white-fleshed peaches and nectarines as well as Sanguinas.

“All of them will allow us to offer the mix of colours that we have managed to bring together throughout our half century of history thanks to the intense research work we undertake to obtain new varieties. It’s an arduous task to offer tasty yet healthy fruit, rich in nutrients and vitamins, for today’s increasingly demanding consumers,” the company said.