The French wholesale market has committed to supporting six athletes in their sporting efforts, providing them with a balanced diet from all areas of the market

Rungis International Market in Paris has announced its official support for six French athletes during their preparation for upcoming sporting events.

Athletes at Rungis

(l-r) Luka Mkheidze, Cédric Olivar, Marjorie Delassus, Stéphane Layani, Capucine Viglione, Sofyane Mehjaoui, Kylian Portal. Photo credit: Marthe Lemelle

The market will provide the athletes with two baskets of fresh produce a month, made up of a wide selection from all parts of the market, including fruits and vegetables.

Rungis revealed that it had established partnerships with canoeist Marjorie Delassus, disabled basketball player Sofyane Mehjaoui, judo players Luka Mkheidze and Cédric Olivar, disabled swimmer Kylian Portal and climber Capucine Viglione during a visit to the market in the presence of Rungis president Stéphane Layani.

“Historically, Rungis market has always been involved in major sporting events because we share many values,” said Layani. “Respect, fair play, exceeding oneself.”

Layani said the market had chosen to highlight the virtues and benefits of a quality diet. “By offering these athletes a selection of fresh products, we want to support them in their preparation for coming trials,” he said. “Diet is one of the keys to making a difference and even more so at a very high level.”

Through this partnership, Rungis market said it was once again demonstrating its commitment to “eating well”, highlighting the link between a healthy, balanced diet and sports performance.

Next year will also see festivities at Rungis to celebrate the passage on 21 July of the Olympic flame through the aisles of what remains the largest market for fresh products in the world.