Haydy Shaheen, a foreign trade specialist with years of experience in the citrus business, will lead the operation

Salix Fruits has opened a new office in Sadat City, Egypt, marking the latest stage in its ongoing international expansion. It will source Egyptian citrus for the company’s growing customer base.

Haydy Shaheen Salix Fruits

Haydy Shaheen, Salix Fruits

It will be led by Haydy Shaheen, a fruit business foreign trade specialist with years of experience in the citrus sector.

“This is one of the most important milestones for the company in 2023,” said sales manager Ignacio Vidales. “In the last years, we have seen a consistent increase in the offer and demand of citrus from Egypt.

“It has always been very competitive in terms of price in the North Hemisphere, but now that competitiveness has also arisen in their quality. We believe it is key for our future to open an office in this location to be close to our growers to fulfil the growing demand of our customer base around the world”.

The new opening brings Salix Fruits’s total global network to six locations, allowing it to be closer to its suppliers and customers.

Vidales said Shaheen’s years of experience in product development for the Egyptian citrus industry made her the ideal person to expand the business and develop long-term relationships with growers and exporters in Egypt.

“Developing this region to supply the global markets we serve, is a long-awaited wish that we are fulfilling today, and adding a professional like Haydy to this new office is the push we needed to achieve the challenge of turning Egypt into one of the most important countries of origin for our company,” he said.