Prize reflects company’s “tireless commitment to sustainability in its daily business”

SanLucar sustainability award

SanLucar has been honoured with Spain’s Agri-Food Business Federation of the Valencian Community’s Sustainable Business Award 2023 for its “tireless commitment to sustainability in its daily business”.

The Valencia-based company said it carries sustainability in its DNA and extends it to any corner of the world where it is present.

“From the production on the field to the distribution of the product on the supermarket shelf, at SanLucar we ensure that each of our activities along the entire value chain of the agri-food industry is governed by our philosophy ‘Taste in harmony with people and nature’,” said Jennifer Heer, communication & CR director at SanLucar.

“This has been the case since our founder, Stephan Rötzer, established the company in 1993 with the firm intention of offering the best fruit and vegetables - and to do so in a way one can be proud of.”

Nancy Daiss, CR manager international at SanLucar, said its sustainability strategy covers all the company’s sites as well as its entire supply chain.

“Recently, at SanLucar, we have set up a multidisciplinary working group to exclusively address the challenges of sustainability with a focus on compliance with human rights, the preservation of nature as the main partner of our agricultural activity, due diligence in our value chain, as well as the new double materiality in the field of reporting,” Daiss said.

“We also have our DREAMS programme, which aims to carry out social and environmental projects for the communities in which we operate.”