SanLucar avocados

Spanish premium fruit and vegetable brand SanLucar is using special labels on its avocados to tell shoppers how ripe the fruit is.

The labels, which feature colour-based ripeness indicators, provide a handy guide to whether the fruit is at the firm or creamy end of the ripeness scale.

SanLucar also says it wants to help consumers overcome the winter blues by promoting exotic fruit as an inspiring addition to shoppers' baskets.

Since the start of the new year, it has embarked on a major campaign on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Its primary objective: changing the way exotic fruits are perceived.

'Exotics are very popular with consumers,' says Nuria Pizán, brand and creative director at SanLucar. 'They bring freshness and lightness to the table, making good dietary new year’s resolutions easier to implement.'

The company is singling out mangoes, avocados and pineapples for particular attention. Their 'exotic bonus', it says, means they are versatile in the kitchen and taste magnificent. 'Every bite takes you on a little trip to the tropics,' the group adds.

According to SanLucar, its mangoes arrive in stores ripe and – with 13 degrees Brix – super sweet. They also have practically no fibre, it adds.

At the same time, all fruits are ripened under tropical conditions without accelerating their natural ripening process.

'This also keeps them fresh longer,' it continues. 'SanLucar avocados are picked with the ideal fat content and impress you with their mild-nutty flavour and a tender-creamy texture.'