Charif Christian Carvajal

SHAFFE president Charif Cristian Carvajal

The Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Exporters Association (SHAFFE), is seeking to raise the profile of Southern Hemisphere fruit exports by taking part in a series of key upcoming industry events.

'Among our strategic objectives established for the year 2023 is to position SHAFFE as a voice within the international fruit sector, and thus enhance exports from the Southern Hemisphere and issues of interest to the industry, which is why we are participating in many events worldwide, and with issues that concern us such as sustainability, food safety, among others,' said president Charif Christian Carvajal.

Marta Bentancur, the association’s vice president, is currently Macfrut 2021, held from 7-9 September, where she is taking part in the Italian Berry Day, giving a talk on the opportunities and challenges for Southern Hemisphere berry exports.

'Today, blueberry consumption is on the rise practically all over the world, especially due to their nutritional and health benefits,” she said.

“SHAFFE countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, and South Africa are important suppliers of these fruits in the world. However, there are challenges that must be taken as industry.”

In addition, SHAFFE will take part in the XII Jornadas de APAMA, (Blueberry Association of Mesopotamia Argentina), which will be held virtually from 8-11 September.

Carvajal will review opportunities and challenges facing the Southern Hemisphere fruit industry and the role of SHAFFE, while Nelli Hajdu, secretary general of SHAFFE and Gabriel Wasserman, a representative of association member Fruits from Argentina will talk about sustainability requirements of the Northern Hemisphere fruit buyer.

'Sustainability is a key issue not only for fruit growers and exporters, but for the world. Today we are facing challenges due to global warming, but also at food safety level and increased consumer and market demand in this regard,' said Hajdu.

SHAFFE will also be part of a seminar in the framework of the IX Business Matchmaking Forum, organised by the Pacific Alliance on 14 September.

'As SHAFFE we are very pleased to be present at key events for the global fresh fruit industry. Our interest is to continue participating in many more events of this type, and with crucial topics for fresh fruit exporters in the southern hemisphere,' Hajdu said.