Pink Lady apples orchard

In the US, Pink Lady Apples is encouraging consumers to 'Cozy Up & Share the Love' with a social media promotion that features new seasonal recipes and a giveaway for two.

The effort celebrates the autumn apple season and a time when baking, staying in and 'all things cozy' are dominating 2020 trends.

From 12 November to 3 December, consumers will have a chance to win two handmade American Blankets embroidered with the Pink Lady heart and a US$250 gift certificate to MeUndies to choose matching pyjamas set to share, with the giveaway hosted on the brand’s social media channels.

“This is typically the time of year we see a spike in shopper interest in baking but of course 2020 has been an interesting exception,” noted Kathryn Grandy, director of operations and marketing for Proprietary Variety Management, the company who brought Pink Lady to the US. “This is a worldwide trend, and there are avid Pink Lady apple fans not just in the United States but across the globe.”

Working with international partner APAL, the Pink Lady brand has been refreshed this year and new standards are being adopted by domestic partners.

“The goal is to create consistency in how the brand is represented so the consumer can easily recognise Pink Lady in the apple section of any produce department,” said Grandy. “And this is important not only for brand awareness but for pricing and end profits for everyone involved.”