Latest model has more capacity, requires less maintenance and produces better cutting results

Sormac has launched a new and improved potato quartering machine featuring an innovative straightening system and continuous processing for more even cutting results. It also requires less maintenance and has more capacity than existing models. “This, combined with various other improvements, makes for a machine that leaves any competition far behind,” the company said.


The big challenge when cutting potatoes is producing even results. It is important that the potato is positioned exactly in the middle of the knife and to achieve this, Sormac has developed a new alignment system. The dies, which cut potatoes into either 2, 4 or 8 pieces, can be changed quickly and easily.

The potato quartering machine is also equipped with a continuous processing system. “This results in less wear, which means the machine requires less maintenance. Moreover, with the continuous system it’s possible to achieve higher capacities,” the company said.

The capacity is flexibly adjustable up to a maximum of 32,000 potatoes per hour. Sormac said that even at this high capacity, the machine remains smooth and steady without any floor fixations.

The potatoes are fed into the machine in four lanes via a vibrating chute. This makes it possible to, for example, cut larger potatoes into four pieces on two lanes and smaller potatoes into two pieces on the other two lanes.

A lower belt that allows unwanted small parts to pass through without cutting is also available as an add-on.