Chile will host the Global Avocado Summit in November, as experts analyse the state of the industry, including the sustainability challenge and Chile’s rise to become one of the largest global consumers

The Global Avocado Summit will focus on the sustainability of the industry when the event returns on 21 November at the Casino Monticello Events Center near Santiago.

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Organisers the Chilean Avocado Committee and Yentzen Group pointed to dramatic changes in the industry, including new supplier countries and increasing local consumption in Chile, as well as challenges such as boosting competitiveness and sustainability, as key talking points.

One of the top exporters over the past decade, Chile has recently seen per capita consumption grow to 8.2kg per year, making it one of the biggest consumers per capita in the world. 

Attended by farmers, marketers and exporters, the event will take a look at the current state of the sector, identify potential export markets, and “delve into the commercial, marketing and communications strategies of avocado supplier countries, with sustainability as a central theme”, the organisers said.

Gustavo Yentzen, CEO of Yentzen Group, said continued adaptation would be necessary in the avocado sector to meet the sustainability requirements of consumers, clients and retailers.

“For us, this is a very important event,” explained Francisco Contardo, executive director of the Avocado Committee, whose aim is to promote the sustainable development of the industry and disseminate good practices. “Not only because it brings together farmers, producers, marketers and suppliers of national and international inputs, among others, around an industry as relevant in Chile as the avocado; but also allows us to show how the production and commercial processes are completely oriented towards sustainability.

“Currently, the Chilean avocado industry is the benchmark for sustainability in terms of international industries. We are an example, as well as an inspiration.”