Sweet Palermo Yellow Taste Award 2020

Rijk Zwaan’s yellow Sweet Palermo pointed pepper has received the highest possible rating of three stars during the International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Award 2020, with the red Sweet Palermo was awarded a 'very commendable' two-star rating.

According to the vegetable seed specialist, Sweet Palermo is the first sweet pointed pepper to receive the award, which revolves around flavour.

Each year, an independent panel of chefs from 20 different countries evaluate food and beverage products from all over the world based on first impressions, appearance, aroma, taste and texture.

To achieve the highest possible rating of three stars, the product’s average score must be more than 90 per cent across those five criteria.

Rijk Zwaan pointed out that consumer research has previously confirmed Sweet Palermo's sweet, aromatic and fruity flavour.

The flagship product, the red Sweet Palermo, scored 87 per cent, which qualified it for a two-star Superior Taste Award, with the orange and chocolate Sweet Palermo variants also receiving a two-star rating.

'Rijk Zwaan and the Sweet Palermo growers are happy with these results, because taste is one of the key values of this sweet pointed pepper range,' the group noted. 'Due to the long ripening process, the flavour of Sweet Palermo develops more slowly than other peppers and is more intense. The chefs’ conclusions confirm this in practice.'