Takii Europe Phytorich vegetables

Takii Europe has announced that it is launching its Phytorich concept at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, a new premium range of flavourful vegetables full of phytonutrients.

The move comes as consumers continue to attach far more importance to health and well-being food products.

“Under the slogan `The power of vegetables’, we are excited to introduce Phytorich tasty vegetables containing exceptionally high levels of healthful phytonutrients,' said Harm Custers, head of marketing at Takii Europe. 'We are also working on science-based data to prove the positive health impact of certain varieties with high phytonutrients.'

Longevity and healthy habits have long been at the top of consumers' minds in Japan and the Phytorich concept has successfully built on this approach since its launch in the country 25 years ago.

Scientific experts have identified over 25,000 thousand phytonutrients in plant food, of which thousands are contained in fruits and vegetables.

Phytonutrients are natural compounds that help protect plants from insects and diseases, but their protective qualities can be just as beneficial to human health, help to maintain health and protect from diseases, illness, and even ageing.

“We believe Phytorich vegetables can offer a new solution for nutritional gaps as an alternative food supplement,' said Custers.

The flagship variety in the Phytorich concept is called the Goshiso PR-7 tomato and is part of an extensive assortment composed of other vegetables such as onion, carrot, squash, collard, mizuna, okra, spinach, Chinese cabbage and pepper.1