From this summer, the variety will also be available from South Africa

The Alizza Fruit, the pomelo-mandarin cross, has secured a Three-Star Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute. 

Originally from Israel, the variety is managed exclusively by Genesis Fresh and cultivated in Spain by AMFresh. It debuted in the UK, Germany, and Spain in 2022, being sold primarily between December and March. Production has now been extended to South Africa, with limited commercial volumes available from this summer.

Alizza Fruit

“The Alizza Fruit is characterised by its large size, attractive bright yellow-orangey colour, smooth, thin skin, and a melting seedless pulp with a truly unique flavour,” said David Alba, director of Genesis Fresh. “Its incredible juice content combined with such a special flavour profile systematically surprises all consumers every time they enjoy it.”

Paying homage to Israeli citrus breeder Aliza Vardi, after whom the fruit is named, AMFresh marketing director Patricia Sagarminaga said: “Her legacy lives on through The Alizza Fruit, a testament to her pioneering spirit and enduring contributions to the citrus industry”.

Luis Miguel Lavado, commercial director of AMFresh Spain, said the variety has been well received by European wholesale and retailers. “It has garnered really positive acceptance, thanks to its unique attributes as one of the juiciest and most flavourful citrus varieties available as recognised by the International Taste Institute in Brussels,” he said.

AMFresh said analysis by the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants in Valencia (IBMCP) showed that it contains high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity in its juice, making it a potential natural antibacterial agent. Furthermore, furanocoumarins are either absent or virtually absent in the juice, which also features a very powerful antioxidant activity.

The Alizza Fruit is available in Tesco, Marks & Spencer in the UK, Germany’s Edeka and Rewe, El Corte Inglés and Eroski in Spain and Migros in Switzerland and Italy, retailing at €1.5 per fruit. It is also sold in wholesale markets.

Andre Russouw, business manager Genesis Fresh in South Africa, said: “We are so excited to introduce The Alizza Fruit to consumers in South Africa, as we are confident that its exceptional qualities will captivate their palates. This marks the beginning of the journey for The Alizza Fruit in our country and we look forward to seeing this unique cultivar expanding and succeeding”.