My Greenery promo

Dutch fresh produce company The Greenery has launched a new online portal designed to streamline communications between its sales staff and customers throughout the Netherlands.

Called My Greenery, the website aims to harness new digital communication technology and bring some apparently much-needed efficiency to the customer service process.

The Greenery delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to customers throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis, something which it says involves a great deal of information being exchanged between buyers and sellers.

Until now, however, the company has answered questions about transactions exclusively by telephone and email.

Its new online service will help customers find answers to their questions quickly and without the need to speak to a real person.

'By providing real-time insight into orders and deliveries, The Greenery is ensuring that customers can focus even more on their most important activities, the trading of fresh produce,' commented product manager Angelique Lambert.

Customers will receive online access to information about their orders, including agreed prices, logistics arrangements, order confirmations, tracking numbers, invoices and also relevant certification.

The launch of My Greenery represents the latest step in an ongoing process of technological improvement at The Greenery, which is aiming to digitalise supply chain processes wherever possible in order to create better experiences for its customers and create new business models.

That vision builds on various previous initiatives at The Greenery, such as the implementation of enterprise resource planning software SAP, its box delivery trial Verse Oogst (Fresh Harvest) and a new grower portal called GreenChain.