Seeding Futures programme provides high quality educational support to workers and their families

Thx Seeding Futures

Social impact brand Thx! has launches a programme to help farmworkers and their families with continuous education and school lessons support.

The programme aims to help farmworkers in completing elementary education certification in their native language, as well as work on English language skills and support farmworker children in keeping up with school curricula.

The Thx! Seeding Futures programme is open to farmworkers from all produce companies and is free to participants.

“We noticed that one of the greatest barriers for farm workers and farm worker families to be able to move up socially was the disadvantage they have in access to high quality educational support,” said Martin Casanova, one of the founding partners at Thx!

“By providing online educational support specifically geared for farm workers and their families’ needs, we are equipping them with the tools to continue to work in rural areas and also have access to resources that are currently, only available to those that live in urban areas.

“Our dream is that farmworkers have access to quality education for them and their family, without having to relocate to urban areas.”

The Seeding Futures programme is funded by Thx! and is open to workers from any produce organisation that wants to participate even if they are not part of any Thx! programme.

“The produce industry worldwide needs more skilled and productive workers and US and Canadian companies also need that seasonal workers be able to communicate in English and understand technical terms,” said Raul Fernandez, the other co-founder of Thx!.

“This need transcends any one company, that is why we are opening this programme to workers from any produce company, even if they are currently not part of any Thx! programme.

“We invite growers across our industry to enrol their farmworkers and give them access to this amazing opportunity. An educated farmworker is a productive farmworker!”

Thx! has set up a crowdfunding site where individuals and produce companies can contribute to the Seeding Futures programme funding at

“We like the Givebutter platform because it allows companies and individuals to create teams and fundraise within their own networks and social media platforms,” explained Fernandez.