Top Seeds International Durillo cherry tomato

It is shaping up to be a strong year for the production of the Durillo cherry tomato variety, according to Top Seeds International.

According to the company, all signs are pointing to 'a season of outstanding quality' for the Durillo, which is said to offer 'perfect firmness and an excellent shiny red colour' – features not often found together.

Harvesting of the Durillo actually began in December and runs through to late May/early June. However, Top Seed outlined that it is at this stage that the product’s quality becomes apparent and forecasts for the rest of the season can be made.

Indeed, on that front, no substantial reductions in yield have been recorded, the company said.

“Clusters have remained constant in terms of both size and number even during the winter, when, of course, days are shorter and so there is less daylight,” outlined Fabrizio Iurato, product developer and sales representative of TSI Italia. “Farmers currently growing Durillo are very happy with production and others are inviting us to view their crops on the plant to admire the variety’s main characteristics - its bright red colour, its firmness and the plant’s cropping continuity even during long cycles - for ourselves.

“Quality products mean greater rewards for farmers on the market,” Iurato adds. “And, thanks to the wide range of genetic resistances provided in Durillo, Top Seeds International has helped to ensure that, even at the end of the production cycle, yields will remain high and this variety will maintain its distinctive firmness and bright red colour, both very popular with the large-scale distribution and the end customer.'

Durillo is not the only cherry tomato in the Top Seeds International tomato portfolio. The group offers seven other varieties, including Top Beka, Caprice, Gioiello and Stellina in the premium range, as well as Hermanito, Sbirulino and Eletta.