Dutch fruit and berry plant material specialist Rosetta Agro teamed with BETEC LLC on 25 June to help kick off the Ukrainian blueberry campaign with a special training workshop for domestic producers.

Growers came together at BETEС's farm, the group being one of the biggest producers of blueberries in Eastern Europe, cultivates almost 325 hectares in Barvynivka, located in the Novograd-Volynsky district of Ukraine's Zhytomyr region.

At the event, producers had a unique opportunity to see plantings and to taste several different varieties, while also taking on board the advice of plantation owners and invited speakers.

Experts from partner companies of Rosetta Agro, such as Mariusz Padewski and Ronnie Kersten of Fall Creek, Frank Boeijen from Van Kempen, Theo Hissakers of VGB, and special guests like Paul Scholman, Frank Brinkman, and Joost Claessens from Bakker Barendrech & Ahold, presented their solutions to the most acute problems experienced by farmers around the world in the face of global climate change and the ever-increasing demand for high-quality berries.

During the visit to the demonstration area, which was planted with new innovative blueberry varieties like Cargo, Valor, Last Call, Aurora, Liberty, Top Shelf and Blue Ribbon, participants were able to taste and to see the quality of berries and adaptability of new varieties to the conditions of the Zhytomyr region.

Visitors then observed industrial plantings of the Duke variety in open ground, where harvesting was taking place, before rounding off the day with a tour of BETEC's staate-of-the-art packhouse.

'All the participants of the workshop were satisfied, because everyone made innovative ideas for communicating with foreign experts and management of Rosetta Agro and BETEC LLC,' the groups stated.