Special event marks journey to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of technical solutions for orchards

Valente B

Founder Pietro Valente is honoured at the 60th anniversary event

Valente, the specialist provider of technical solutions for vineyards and orchards, commemorated its 60th anniversary earlier this month with a special event for employees and customers at the picturesque Villa Montruglio in Barbarano Mossano, Vicenza.

The day was marked by a convention entitled ‘Agriculture of the future’, which brought together leading speakers from the agri-food sector to discuss topics related to the new challenges of modern agriculture and the innovative technical solutions that Valente has developed over the years.

During the day, guests had a chance to network and exchange industry knowledge in a convivial setting.

“The main objective of this event was to celebrate Valente’s 60 years of activity and to make guests aware of the agriculture of the future,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We wanted to highlight the importance of technological innovation in the agricultural sector and the key role that Valente has played in this area during its 60 years of activity.”

Valente was founded in 1963 by Pietro Valente to produce concrete poles using the centrifugal casting method for the family farm. In the years that followed, it refined and expanded its product range to include the production of every component required for the creation of complete vineyard and orchard systems.

After years of growth, in 2006 the founder handed control of the company to his sons Alessandro, Alberto and Edoardo, who are continuing Valente’s global expansion. The business currently has 50 employees, supported by several consultants in the most strategic areas of the business, and a consolidated turnover in 2022 of €23m.

“Our mission has always been to support the work of agricultural entrepreneurs, providing them with safe and effective materials and technical solutions while respecting the environment in which they operate,” the company said.

“Continuous technological research and innovation based on tradition have guided our production choices from the outset, with the aim of providing our customers with systems made with the best materials and capable of saving them time and money, ensuring reciprocal economic returns. A virtuous path that has led numerous innovative solutions to become market standards over time.”

Today Valente operates in 70 countries worldwide and on all five continents, both through certified dealers and directly. In 2022 the company established Valente Iberica in northeastern Spain to supply the Iberian market.