Sorma says its LCP-128A weighing machine eases labour costs and cuts out overweight table grape packs

Italian fresh machinery specialist Sorma is looking to increase the efficiency of post-harvest table grape processing through its LCP-128A combined weighing machine.

Sorma LCP-128A grape weigher

“In the post-harvest processing of cluster tomatoes and table grapes, packaging by set weight is the most critical phase, both because of the labour it requires and because of lost remuneration due to the possibility of overweight packs,” the group notes.

According to Sorma, the LCP-128A automates the completion of the partially manual pre-filling of the tray, by searching for the optimum missing combination of tomatoes or grapes to reach the minimum guaranteed weight required by the customer.

Moreover, it places the fruit to be added on the line in correspondence with the tray that requires completion.

“It is therefore a technology that replaces some of the work of human operators, saving between 30 per cent and 60 per cent in labour costs,” it continues.

It also makes the fixed-weight packaging phase faster and more precise.

Depending on the type of product and the type of processing required, the weighing machine can reportedly complete up to 60 packs per minute, gently handling the product thanks to the corrugated belts and the absorbent material covering the contact points along the line. This reduces overpacking by an average of 20-30g per pack, Sorma outlines.

“The result? It optimises working time, reduces labour costs and eliminates overweight packs due to the excess weight added by manual processing,” the group adds.

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