Wild Violet sweetcorn Crookham Company

Idaho-based breeding company Crookham has released a new sweetcorn variety, Wild Violet, which boasts a unique purple and white colour, to be launched in spring this year.

Wild Violet is bred using traditional non-GMO practices, with the bi-coloured corn a hybrid resulting in an average of 60 per cent purple and 40 per cent white kernels per cob.

The company said that it worked for over ten years to perfect the variety.

“Wild Violet has a wonderful eating quality with higher antioxidants when compared to other sweetcorn varieties,” said George Crookham, CEO of Crookham Company. “We are confident that Wild Violet will bring innovation to the sweetcorn category for retailers.”

The differentiation of Wild Violet lies not only in its nutritional value and appearance but in the cooking process, with Wild Violet retaining its vibrant pigments when cooked without unwanted bleeding.

A longer cooking time of this variety results in a deepening of color ranging from violet to indigo, the group added.